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URGE Kick-off meeting
On Tuesday 15 and Wednesday 16 October the partners of the URBACT-network URGE met in Utrecht (The Netherlands) for their kick-off meeting. The Lead Partner (city of Utrecht) and the Lead Expert (Eleni Feleki) prepared an agenda with some specific goals.

First of all it was important for all partners to get to know each other and to build trust among all partners. For the coming years we aim to work together and this trust is important to really be able to benefit from the cooperation. Looking back at the meeting we think this goal was achieved very well, the atmosphere in the group was very good and from the start there was a lot of interaction and cooperation.

Secondly we wanted to set a base for the future cooperation on the topic of circularity in building processes. What do we need to dig in to for the coming years, which issues do we need to tackle, but also what can we learn from each other ? All cities gave a short presentation on where they stand concerning the topic, and what they want to tackle in their Action Plan. Beside that several exercises and working sessions were held. All of this has given a lot of information for the Lead Expert as input to the Baseline study and for the partnership to work on in Phase 2.

Finally the aim of the kick-off meeting was to get to understand the URBACT-programme; the aim of the programme, the URBACT-method and also the managerial issues that we need to take care of. A lot of information on this was shared with the partners by the Lead Expert and the Lead Partner, paving the ground for a common understanding of the way to work in the coming years. Since the agenda of the kick-off meeting was also based on the URBACT-method, we also experienced in practice what this could look like.

We are convinced this kick-off meeting has created a sound and solid base for our future cooperation within the URGE-project. 
Eleni Feleki (Lead Expert) & Haye Folkertsma (Lead Partner)
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